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Featured Member

Meet NAPW members in Featured Members, a weekly column where members highlight their careers and businesses. Today, the spotlight is on Virginia Phillips who offers some great insights about being resilient, the importance of networking and how to motivate employees. VIP, Elite and Preferred Members: to be featured in Member Spotlight, contact us at featuredwomen@napw.com.

NAPW: When the going gets tough, where do you go?

Phillips: I either go for a walk or get a massage.  I moved to Colorado Springs, CO to enjoy the outdoors.  Spending time with mother nature clears my head and energizes me. However, some days are better spent indoors, getting a ninety-minute medical massage. It rejuvenates me.  I believe it is better be proactive by establishing a pattern of resiliency rather than relying on a pattern of reactive actions when times get tough.  Times aren’t so difficult when you are prepared for them to come.   

NAPW: What do you do to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Phillips: First, I commit to making selfcare my number one priority every day.  It took me a long time to learn this but now I see the value in it. I do what the doctors say to do. I eat right by getting 3 balanced meals a day at home, limit my sugar intake and avoid anything from a package. Most days I walk 10,000 steps, which is around 5 miles. I have a sleep routine and sleep about 8 hours a night. Most importantly, I eat apples every day.

NAPW: Do you think it’s important to avoid letting success define who you are?

Phillips: Success is part of my story. I embrace it. I endured 1,278 days of intense rehabilitation after a teenager texting driving caused a car accident that should have killed me. It left me 100% permanently disabled and classified as unemployable.  Potentially crushing news for anyone but I have a history of excelling with every new challenge This only meant a new beginning for me. Today I am an author, an inspirational speaker and an entrepreneurial coach.  I am a survivor and success helps define me.  

NAPW: When starting out, how important was networking to the success of your business today?

Phillips: Networking is one of the most valuable pieces of my business. Every client I have came from my time spent networking. A business is nothing with out relationships.  Networking is an effective means to build them.  It has given me clients, referral partners, mentors, joint venture partners and many valuable resources. Building relationships is a slow intensive process and is a key to success.

NAPW: What tips can you share to maintain motivated employees?

Phillips: Be a good leader. It starts by listening to others and valuing what they say.  Employees will care about their company when their company and their leaders care about them. Typically, people are not motivated by fulfilling the dreams of others.  They have goals of their own and working for a company can be a path for them to achieve them. Motivating employees starts by recognizing their needs and desires. 

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