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Embrace Change, the Opposite is Stagnation

Dealing with forced changeI’ve just recently realized that my personal livelihood depends on change. I’d never really thought about my career from this perspective before, but it’s true.

I am a corporate consultant by trade; specializing in IT Financial engagements. I assist clients with transitions of all types: mergers and acquisitions, internal system upgrades, compliance induced modifications. Each of these activities has a healthy component of change associated with them.

And I’ve not used that word on accident. I honestly believe change is healthy. Of course there is planned change and then there is forced change. Ideally you want to be in the position where your organization (or yourself) is intentionally embarking on the path of change by choice. With planned change, you control the timing, the players, basically the overall agenda. You feel empowered and in control. This is the best way to both introduce and accomplish change.

However, sometimes we don’t have that luxury. There are times in life that unexpected and unwelcome changes are thrust upon us. Although not the preferred mode of change, it’s best to embrace that type of change as well. Decide to make the best of the changing situation. The alternative choice to unplanned change is likely not a very appealing option either. Have you ever considered the alternative to change? It’s stagnation.

So, the next time you find yourself faced with a situation of change at work, (or at home); decide to make the most of it. There is potential to streamline a current process, eliminate non-value add redundancies, or introduce new functionality.

I trust you are starting to see the upside potential to embracing change? If things are going to change in your life, why not partner and be a part of the force creating that change.

Inclusive collaboration is critical to success. We all have different areas of expertise and understanding; it’s what creates our unique life perspectives. When we pull our collective resources together, we should end up with a more robust solution. Clear, open communication is another critical element of successful change. Along with consistent activity planning, tracking and reporting. Managed change becomes predictable, not chaotic.

I find it is exhilarating to participate in successfully planned and executed change projects. Leaving a client, whom I’ve helped realize identified efficiencies, or overcome some perceived deficit, is rewarding. After participating in several victorious change projects; one begins to realize and become passionate about change. And to recognize the components of a successful project; and conversely, be able to identify when key components of success are missing from an endeavor.

As I am just realizing my role as a change advocate, I feel compelled to leave you with two of my favorite phrases to keep top of mind as you practice embracing change.

Progress requires change. Not all motion is progress.

Holly Wells NAPW Member Change Quotes

Holly Wells is a NAPW VIP member and will be joining us in Chicago for Power Networking on October 10th to present on Embracing Change: Release Your Unstoppable Power.


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