Work-Life Balance For Moms

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Work Life Balance for Moms
Suzanne Brown, the founder of “Mompowerment,” joined us as a guest speaker last month to talk about a new approach to managing the work-life balance. For many women, the challenge of managing a family along with building a career or business is a daily struggle.

Five Frugal Ways to Spruce Up Your Wardrobe This Fall

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Updating Wardrobe For Fall

Fall is finally here, and the concern is how to build an excellent-looking and fitting wardrobe, full of quality and trendy items without breaking the bank. One thing every woman can confess is that we will keep organizing, reorganizing and stuffing our closets with new clothes without considering what we already own.

How to balance a side hustle when working full time

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balancing a side hustle It seems like everyone has at least one “side hustle” these days as a second (or third) way of making a little extra money. It makes a lot of sense. Who wants to solely rely on an employer for the security of being able to pay the rent or mortgage, feed your family and make sure that you have enough set aside for emergencies.

Webinar: Harnessing the Power of Social Media

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Free Social Media Webinar

For any entrepreneur, social media can provide a huge opportunity to help you grow your business, build your relationships, understand your market, promote your content, and influence your target buyers, all without investing thousands of dollars in marketing...

Practicing the Art of Mindfulness

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Mindfulness generates compassion, and intellectual, physical, and emotional generosity. And, such expressions of mindfulness organically promote an intellectually, physically, and emotionally healthier world for ourselves and everyone else to live and work in. Naturally, we will not achieve perfection of mindfulness through these, or by any other means.