Negotiation: the place where ideas crash together

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Negotiation Tips

We believe this is one of the beautifully messy things about negotiation. Negotiation is never a straightforward, mathematical activity. It is not science. It is a nuanced art. Approach a negotiation as a time to compromise between two points on a line, and you’ll miss out on the empowering experience of collaborating with someone else to come up with something greater and better than either of you could have thought of on your own.

Tips For Traveling Solo

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Woman traveling solo Traveling solo is not only an adventure, but also an investment in yourself. Every day that you spend alone in a new environment is yours to indulge in a new experience, new sights and sounds, and potentially make new mistakes to learn from.

Powerful Marketing Tools To Grow Your Career

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Resume Tips

Your resume and LinkedIn profile are your personal marketing tools. When you are looking for a new job, these items are the first thing that a job recruiter will usually see and its important to make a great first impression. NAPW has a number of resources available to help get your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile polished.

Work-Life Balance For Moms

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Work Life Balance for Moms
Suzanne Brown, the founder of “Mompowerment,” joined us as a guest speaker last month to talk about a new approach to managing the work-life balance. For many women, the challenge of managing a family along with building a career or business is a daily struggle.