Seven tips to help with difficult employee conversations

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Delivering feedback to sensitive employees

There’s an old saying that it is difficult at the top. In business this is especially true, as one of the most challenging and even stressful tasks that a manager faces is giving productive and effective feedback to employees. Being in a position of leadership demands a lot of time and energy that is focused on people management.

No Reservations: Simple Dinner Ideas for Busy Days

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Simple Dinner Ideas Busy Days

As women, throughout our careers, we undergo the trouble of juggling between family and work. Some days we feel like crushing under the weight of work pressure and busy schedules. However much we want to prepare a delicious and nutritious meal from scratch to enjoy with our family, we just don’t have the time.

Harnessing Your Creativity at Work

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Tips for being creative at work

The longing to be more creative is something most of us want in our daily work lives. We want to create new and exciting opportunities as well as apply our creativity to every project we work on. Thankfully, being creative at work is not impossible — nor is it difficult — regardless of your industry or role. 

9 Habits of Successful Women You Can Do, Too!

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Chances are you already know her, the woman you aspire to become. In fact, she lives inside you – always has. You want to be her, spend each day with her, celebrate her successes, and learn from her failures. Practice these nine habits to bring your best self to the surface and begin living the life of your dreams.

Prevention of Overwhelm

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Stressed Woman feeling overwhelmed

I had a meltdown yesterday …

Ok, so I have to admit there are times that I have my moments of meltdown. Yesterday I had one of those moments. A moment where the overwhelm of everything going on in my life … coaching calls, event preparation, collaboration work, product releases, sales calls, confirmations, emails, marketing, going home to see Mom for two weeks … all of it suddenly came crashing down on me.

Working on an All-Male Team

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working on an all male team Even in 2017, male-dominated workplaces are common in many industries. Finding yourself as the only woman on a team of men has some perks (such as your pseudo-private restroom), but being the sole woman among men can produce some unique challenges (such as commonly being mistaken for the group’s assistant).