NAPW Feature Story: Mentoring Matters!

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iStock_000022406247Medium Wondering about the benefits of mentoring a young co-worker or approaching a more seasoned professional for career guidance? Well, wonder no more! According to a survey conducted by LinkedIn, 82% of women agree that having a mentor is important. The survey also showed that 66% of women connect with mentors in person.…

NAPW Business Forum: Network It… Online!

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Share your expertise, knowledge and comments in NAPW’s Business Forum.

Online networking offers you the ability to make important connections with prospective clients, develop and strengthen business relationships with other industry leaders and establish your personal brand. A strong online presence is key to building a successful business and career -- from your company website to social media sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter to your NAPW profile.…

NAPW Feature Story: On Target! Understanding Which Social Media Site Works Best for You

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social_media Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. And, that’s only three! With numerous social media options available to professional women today, creating and successfully running a social media marketing campaign for your business, product or service is easy. The trick is knowing which social media sites reach your specific target audience.…

NAPW Feature Story: Take the Lead… Managing Different Personalities

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oct2013_newfeature_image The Considerate. The Brainiac. The Sensitive. The Loner. The Aggressor. You know who they are. They’re on your team! Over the course of your management career, you’ll meet them and many more different personality types. The faces may change, yet the basic characteristics of these people will stay the same.…