Seven tips to help with difficult employee conversations

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Delivering feedback to sensitive employees

There’s an old saying that it is difficult at the top. In business this is especially true, as one of the most challenging and even stressful tasks that a manager faces is giving productive and effective feedback to employees. Being in a position of leadership demands a lot of time and energy that is focused on people management.

The Best Places for Online Job Searches

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Online Job Search Everyone’s been in the position of having to look for a job. Whether you’ve been let go or are just looking to leave your current position, you may be thinking of places you can look while you’re contacting recruiters or asking people in your community if they know of any openings.

Harnessing Your Creativity at Work

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Tips for being creative at work

The longing to be more creative is something most of us want in our daily work lives. We want to create new and exciting opportunities as well as apply our creativity to every project we work on. Thankfully, being creative at work is not impossible — nor is it difficult — regardless of your industry or role. 

How To Build Your Personal Board of Directors

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Personal Board of Directors

As a corporate woman, the secret to climbing through the ranks is to hire a personal board of directors. It’s an informal group comprised of four to eight individuals who can help us excel in our professional career. It can be tempting to trust only ourselves, but we all need advice and support to avoid making irrational decisions that we may end up regretting.

9 Habits of Successful Women You Can Do, Too!

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Chances are you already know her, the woman you aspire to become. In fact, she lives inside you – always has. You want to be her, spend each day with her, celebrate her successes, and learn from her failures. Practice these nine habits to bring your best self to the surface and begin living the life of your dreams.