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Building Success with Chapter President Kat Norwood


Kat Norwood

Local Chapter President, Dallas, TX
Real Estate Agent, Keller Willams

Hello NAPW, my name is Kat Norwood. I am the Team Leader of Here and Now Realty at Keller Williams as well as the Productivity Coach in my office. I train new and seasoned agents in programs and techniques that Keller Williams creates for their agents. I was awarded the Rookie of the Year in my first year in Real Estate after going above and beyond for the office and setting record numbers. I used to be in the Army and moved from state-to-state and so I’ve been fortunate to have visited 42 states in my lifetime. I’m extremely passionate about traveling, cooking and charity work.

From a business standpoint, I’ve retooled my entire business. It’s now geared towards women. In fact, one of our slogans at Here and Now Realty is “We put women into homes.” We also work with men and families but we’re passionate about women. Currently, I’m working on creating a charity to support victims of sex trafficking. We already host four quarterly events that will now be geared towards the charity. The goal is to not reinvent the wheel, but rather to be able to provide money to get men and women out of sex trafficking and into a home where they can be safe. We’re currently developing partnerships with groups that already help those in sex trafficking and have a goal to take this to a very large scale.

I’ve been a member of NAPW for over a year and half now. I was the Vice President of the Frisco Local Chapter and then moved to the Dallas Local Chapter as their President. I’ve always been passionate about working and helping women, and wanted to put myself in a position where I could give back to women on a larger scale. I enjoy teaching and mentoring and in every encounter I have, I’m always looking for ways to make an impact in other people’s lives.

I’ve been on a journey of personal development since 2011. I’ve worked hard to overcome my insecurities and negative thought patterns. As a woman that used to have terrible self-image issues, I wanted to make sure I surrounded myself with strong, independent women so that I could further develop myself.

NAPW has brought several women into my life who have positively impacted me, both personally and professionally. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know women’s backgrounds and being inspired by their life stories. Although it’s sometimes challenging to get everyone involved and active in meetings, it’s important so they can see the value that is provided there. It’s my goal to keep the number of attendees growing. The Board and my group will continue to reach out to NAPW professional women and connect with them. The women in our Chapter are outstanding, and I can’t tell you the value I receive from my group just by getting to know our women!

I believe the biggest impact made thus far as a Chapter is actively helping to build up each other’s business and referring back and forth to one another. The connections being made are fruitful and will last for years,  if not a lifetime. Beyond that, we’re currently working with Dress for Success to set up a Dallas fashion show to raise awareness, money and clothing.

Thank you!


Megan Bozzuto

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