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BeConnected – NAPW eChapter Roundup with Louise Newsome



Welcome to ‘BeConnected,’ where I’ll discuss important details from our most recent eChapter events and keep our members informed on upcoming events before they happen.

The NAPW eChapter is our fastest growing Chapter! More than 1,000+ professional women from all over the country register for our bi-weekly events. NAPW President, Star Jones and I enjoy connecting with members from all over the country and discussing important topics that impact professional women. And we’re proud to announce that we recently hit a 20,000 eChapter member milestone!

Keep a lookout in your inbox for information about upcoming events! We’ll be hosting replays bi-weekly after each of our live events, so please come back if you wish to listen again and network with new attendees from around the country, as the networking portion is always live! The replays also give me a chance to be in the chat room and witness what is happening there…and do a little live networking myself! It has been so exciting to see women exchanging ideas, email addresses and even setting up in-person coffee meetings!

Forming strong relationships in every area of life is an essential component to our success. At our recent eChapter event, we got some great tips on how to build stronger networks and trusted connections from three of our esteemed VIP members. (We will be airing a live replay of this event on October 19th – Register here).

Here are some top tips from our panelists:


V. Ahda Sands
Estate Broker & Loan Consultant

V. Ahda shared her ‘FORD’ technique to identify shared goals and values when networking:

  • (F) Family  Ask about their family
  • (O) Occupation – Ask about their career and professional experience
  • (R) Recreation – Ask about hobbies and what they do in their spare time
  • (D) Dream – Ask about their aspirations and where they want to be in life

Recommended Read: How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Dr. Carol Soloway
Author & Chiropractor

Dr. Carol discussed key components to effective networking that will build long-lasting relationships:

“It’s the bonding that forms the relationship…When I meet women at a networking event, I offer them something first that can help their business. For instance, I invite them to be a guest at NAPW meetings…Take a leap; take an interest and take an action.”

Recommended Read:
The Empress Has No Clothes-Conquering Self- Doubt to Embrace Success by Joyce M. Roche

Jeanne Omlor
Business Breakthrough Coach
Executive Coach CEO

Jeanne offers her tips to be authentic when networking:

  • Be truthful with yourself and others
  • Be interested in the person you’re talking to and what they have to say
  • Always follow up and follow through with what you say you will do – This builds your relationship and your reputation
  • Own up to when you don’t do what you say you will do – no excuses!

Recommended Read: The 29% Solution by Ivan R. Misner

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Louise Newsome
NAPW National Director of Chapters
NYC Local Chapter President

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