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BeConnected – Louise’s eChapter Roundup

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Welcome to the newest addition to our blog, ‘BeConnected,’ where I’ll discuss important details from our most recent eChapter events and keep our members informed on upcoming events before they happen.

eChapter day is our favorite day! NAPW President Star Jones and I enjoy connecting with members from all over the country and discussing important topics that impact professional women. Our virtual meetings are held bi-weekly, Wednesdays at either Noon or 4pm ET. Our eChapter events are unique and exclusive to NAPW as we host our members nationally, inviting them to be spotlights, panelists and guests to network with each other throughout the event in a moderated live chat.

At the beginning of every eChapter event, we invite three VIP members to spotlight their businesses, products and services and to share their expertise. VIP members who are interested in being featured in our VIP Member Spotlight can email to request more information.

Our latest event, Stress Less: How to Combat Stress focused on stress management. We discussed the differences between normal stress and excessive stress, the impact stress has on physical and mental health and tips for stress management. This event was actually the first week I attended an eChapter event out of the office from Louisville, KY where I joined a fabulous Kentucky Derby networking event with our Local Chapter members and guests that evening. That’s what’s so great about our eChapter because of its ease and ability to network from wherever you are!

Our expert panel featured NAPW members who are experts in coaching and wellness:

Heather Bellar
Heather Bellar
CEO/Owner, Bodies Evolved LLC.
ISSA certified Master Trainer, Personal Fitness and Nutrition Coach

“Schedule time for yourself. Make yourself your No. 1 priority…It is not selfish to take care of ourselves, it is absolutely necessary.”

Deborah Story
Deborah Story
Licensed Psychologist, D. L. Story & Associates, PLLC

“To take care of the body, we have to take care of the mind…Perceive stress not as harmful, but as a motive for positive change”


Gabrielle PelicciGabrielle Pelicci
Founder, Women in Wellness

“When you’re stressed, embrace what makes you uncomfortable.”

Dr. Gabby recommends using the acronym P.A.L.S.
resent – Become present in the moment
Awareness – Pay attention to your triggers 
Love and Compassion – Embrace yourself and be open to making healthy changes
Source –Identify the underlying source of your stress

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Louise Newsome
NAPW National Director of Chapters
NYC Local Chapter President

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