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August/September 2016 Member Spotlight – Part 2

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deitra_jackson-vipDeitra Jackson

Company: Jackson Coaching Services
Industry: Coaching and Consulting
Title: Certified Personal and Executive Coach
Location: Wilmington, DE

NAPW: Did you have a mentor who guided you on your career path? Would you have had the success you have now without them?

Jackson: Someone once told me that, “it takes a village.” I find it to be so true! I have several mentors that provide me with insight and steer me in the right direction whenever I need it. Without them, I would not be where I am today.

NAPW: Name three characteristics you feel all successful people share?

Jackson: Integrity, resilience and discipline. You have to be strong enough to stick to your guns, especially when you are going against the grain and taking an unpopular stance. You need to be resilient by picking yourself up and dusting off whenever you feel defeated by something or someone. You need to have discipline to keep pushing yourself, especially when you don’t feel like it. The world is a level playing field and it’s yours for the taking. These three characteristics can make the ride smoother during tough times.

NAPW: What techniques do you use to handle difficult employees?

Jackson: I am completely candid and transparent about my observations in terms of behavior. I give them an opportunity to respond to whatever the situation is. We come to an agreement on root causes together. I, then, partner with them to establish a plan of action for a behavioral change. This is contingent upon a pre-established relationship based on trust and respect.

NAPW: It’s been said that it’s not what you know, but who you know. Do you believe this is true? Does it relate to you?

Jackson: I believe this is a true statement. You can’t be successful without a strong network. My network continues to grow and if it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t an entrepreneur and leadership coach. Also, networking is about giving and connecting with others. I give just as much, if not more, than I receive! Lastly, I believe you have to be an expert in your craft. I have over ten years of experience in coaching people to reach their career goals, professional speaking and consulting in leadership public speaking and professional development. These accomplishments provide credibility for my network. As I grow, so does my network.

NAPW: What do you do to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Jackson: I try to go to the gym every day for 30-45 minutes. I do a lot of aerobics, weight lifts and pilates. I eat my vegetables and protein-filled foods. I allow myself a specific time to cheat – I love my M&Ms and potato chips! I get plenty of rest so I can relieve my stress. There’s a solution for every problem, so I remind myself to focus more on the solutions than the problems.

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Stephanie Kibler

Company: Dixie Tan Spa
Industry: Health and Beauty
Title: Founder/CEO
Location: Raleigh, NC

NAPW: What are your biggest strengths/talents in your position?

Kibler: My biggest strength is taking something that seems to be an impossible task and breaking it down into smaller, more feasible tasks.

NAPW: What do you feel is your most important business skill?

Kibler: Relationships and marketing are two of the most important skills in business and I pride myself on both. Knowing my market and sustaining valuable professional relationships are key to my success.

NAPW: Tell us about a woman in your life who has influenced you most.

Kibler: My mother! She has always shown me that you can do anything you set your mind to. She had a family early in life and got her cosmetology license to help financially and have the flexibility to always put her kids first. She then went to college and started a career in her 40s and has totally succeeded! Her secret is that she is a “forever learner.”

NAPW: How have you overcome budget constraints while promoting your business?

Kibler: Staying under budget is always a huge task. I try to do so by always knowing how much is going out and how much is coming in. I always have a running list in my head of things I have purchased, things I need to purchase, where I break even, what are my goals and how much do I need to make weekly, monthly, yearly, etc. It’s ongoing and fluid, constantly being updated!

NAPW: How do you maintain a positive attitude in the face of adversity?

Kibler: I believe God never gives you more than you can handle because you can always just give it to Him. I also believe it is important to have positive self-talk; personally and in business. I try not to focus on the “what-if’s,” but more on my goals. I don’t ignore my questions and doubts – I address them by writing them down and having a plan of action. Make sure to have positive people in your life who love you. Learn how to decompress whether that be praying, meditating or exercising.

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ileana_m_san_nicolas-vipIleana M. San Nicolas

Company: Mustard Seeds and Rainbows Ministries, Inc. (MSRM)
Industry: Ministries
Title: President of MSRM and Licensed Ordained Minister
Location: El Paso, TX

NAPW: Describe a time when setting aside personal time from work was the healthiest choice for you.

San Nicolas: When I was in the US Army as an Officer and Chief of a Department, there were many stressors that came with the uniform and rank. I had to literally schedule time in my calendar to have lunch, go for a walk or read the Bible. There were times I had to talk myself into taking a two-week vacation to enjoy my family and rediscover the beauty of life. When you have high expectations about yourself as a role model and many demands from up the chain of command, it is always healthy to take time out.

NAPW: In spite of your work schedule, which recreational activities do you always take part in?

San Nicolas: I am in the middle of writing a book. I go for evening walks with my grandkids and my dog, Gracie. I am now starting a new hobby – crocheting baby clothes because I am going to be a great grandma! Would you believe that I have 15 grandkids!? I strongly believe what Mary Kay Ash said, “God first, family second and a career third.”

NAPW: Has your career choice positively influenced other areas of your life?

San Nicolas: Yes, definitely! By profession I am a retired nurse who served 30 years in the US Army. In every job I head, I make it my business to encourage and promote people to believe in their potential, and it has been a joy seeing them soar to the top. Now, as a Minister, I inject faith in people to trust God for the best outcome.

NAPW: What three business roles have contributed most to your success?

San Nicolas: As a professional Registered Nurse, I learned to listen to people and hear what their needs are. It also taught me to be compassionate. Second, I was a Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay Cosmetics for 18 years and a Director for 16 years. Dealing with people and cultural diversity helped me grow as a leader and develop my public speaking capabilities. Lastly, as a Minister, I deal a lot with families and peers, so the unpredictable helps me keep an open mind and remain humble because I am a person of influence.

NAPW:  What advice can you offer a growing business?

San Nicolas: Be persistent and consistent – it will eventually pay off!

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dannete-wilkerson-vipDannete Wilkerson

Company: Thompson Wealth Management
Industry: Financial Services and Retirement Planning
Title: Vice President
Location: Culver City, CA

NAPW: What was your first-ever job and what did you learn from it?

Wilkerson: My first ever job was at Burger King. I was hired as the drive-thru Cashier. I learned that it is extremely important to pay attention to detail and not let others be a distraction, especially when you are handling money. This was my first experience with offering great customer service, even when the customer is not giving you the same courtesy. Learning this at such a young age has carried with me throughout my professional career.

NAPW: How does your company encourage professional development?

Wilkerson: Our company encourages professional development by hosting business coaching for our entire staff. We encourage our staff to maintain their continued education courses and guidelines for their respective licenses. We also encourage our staff to join networking/professional development organizations, which is why I chose NAPW. NAPW offers a network that fits in with our philosophy for professional development.

NAPW: What types of change occur in your profession?

Wilkerson: The financial services industry is being regulated and moving from commission based services to fee based. We have been operating from a fee based position for the past ten years. For a low monthly or annual fee, we provide ongoing financial consultation and services on various financial matters, becoming a one-stop shop for wealth management. As other financial advisors are needing consultation on how to transition without harming or losing business, we have now began the process of partnering or consulting with firms needing guidance in this arena.

NAPW: How does your company differ from its competitors?

Wilkerson: We are a financial planning firm that differs from our competitors because we provide a holistic wealth building strategy that allows a person to save, budget, build wealth and have all their financial needs met under one umbrella.

NAPW: Name an example of when you were able to contribute to a team project.

Britton:  In my position as Vice President, I am able to contribute to team projects, if not lead them. Our last team project was to recreate and/or design a new company logo, develop a mission and vision statement, and develop a new brand for our company for 2017. It was a process that involved many iterations of the visual concepts, as well as the overall development of the theme and vision. When we landed on a look, feel and touch that we could all agree on, it was a very exhilarating experience that far exceeded our expectations.

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