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2017 March Member Spotlight

Meet NAPW members in Member Spotlight, a monthly column where members highlight their careers and businesses. This month, we feature four accomplished women, so be sure to check out each of their profiles. VIP, Elite and Preferred Members: to be featured in Member Spotlight, contact us at

Rachel Isbell

Company: Aramark
Industry: Food Service
Title: Food Service Director
Location: League City, TX

NAPW: When using social networking, how do you stay true to your brand?

Isbell: When using any social network platform I present myself not just professionally but as a millennial who has advanced herself throughout an industry highly saturated in Gen X employees. I try to present myself as someone who follows her dreams and does whatever she can to advance herself in her personal life as well as professional life.

NAPW: Has your career choice positively influenced other areas of your life?

Isbell: By being the youngest manager in my district it has given me the confidence to take charge in other areas of my life such as relationships and friendships.

NAPW: What advice would you give someone who is changing career paths?

Isbell: Switching career paths can be difficult but is something definitely needed. Stay confident in the fact that you got the job for a reason and continue to work hard and push yourself to be better every day.

NAPW: How do you handle your workload during a personal crisis?

Isbell: During a personal crisis I use work as an outlet to focus on. I try to block out anything happening at home and focus on the things I can control at my job.

NAPW: Tell us about a time when a heavy workload has affected your personal relationships and/or physical and mental health.

Isbell: When I first got promoted to a director the workload required me to work 15 hour days as well as some weekends. This took a toll on my personal relationships with friends and significant others. I ended up walking away from many relationships that were toxic and not supportive to focus on my job and now I am down to 10 hour work days with very few weekends and have made some very supportive friends and people who understand the love I have for my busy, hectic schedule.

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Olivia Metelanski

Company: GTS Express Inc
Industry: Transportation
Title: Owner
Location: Homer Glen,IL

NAPW: Have you ever had a great idea yet were told you could not implement it? How did you react?

Metelanski: Yes, my idea was to start a woman owned, transportation company, inspiring women to grow in the male dominated industry. I was told by many that it would be very difficult for me to get anywhere in this industry as I would not be taken seriously as a woman. That made me even more determined to prove them wrong and repave the male dominated industries path.

NAPW: Describe the best boss and the worst boss you have ever had.

Metelanski: Every boss that I ever had taught me something that helped me become the woman that I am today. Yes, some of the knowledge I acquired was what NOT to do or NOT to be; however they all contributed valuable attributes to the structuring of my business today.

NAPW: What is your dream job?

Metelanski: Being surrounded by children and animals brings so much joy to my life. Combine those two = My dream job – having a ranch with horses and provide Equestrian Therapy to kids in need.

NAPW: If you had to choose another profession, what would it be and why?

Metelanski: If I had to choose another profession it would be to be a Pediatrician. It was what I wanted to be since I was a child and what I went to school for.

NAPW: Describe a team effort that went well and your contribution to the success.

Metelanski: A team effort that went well, of which I contributed to the success, was the growth of my company. Yes, I opened the company; however it wouldn’t be what it is today, if it wasn’t for my amazing team that contributed to its evolution.

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Mildred Cardona 

Company: Universal Realty Group
Industry: Real Estate
Title: Realtor
Location: Chicago, IL

NAPW: What is the best career advice you ever received?

Cardona: The best career advice I’ve received is to never give up ! When one door closes another will open.

NAPW: What advice can you offer a growing business?

Cardona: For growing businesses the advice I would offer is, quality is better than quantity.

NAPW: How do you keep your ideas fresh?

Cardona: Reading and Networking !

NAPW:   What do you like to do on your free time?

Cardona:In my free time I enjoy reading and spending time with my grandchildren.

NAPW: How do you get more clients/customers for your business?

Cardona: Where ever I go whether business or pleasure I always pass out business card and talk to people. They might not need you at that point and time but they will need you eventually. Presentation is also important !

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Jayne Donnelly

Company: Altus Effect
Industry: Consulting
Title: CEO & Founder
Location: Ashland, OR

NAPW: How does your company differ from its competitors?

Donnelly: While Business and Life coaches come a ‘dime a dozen‘, the best are defined by, not just a willingness to dig deep, but an actual ability to reach their clients in a profound way. I am fearless in my approach. I ask the tough questions needed to break through life-long – seemingly impenetrable – obstacles and facilitate lasting change. My clients experience a safety with me, allowing them to explore themselves in ways they never thought possible.

NAPW: How does your company encourage professional development?

Donnelly: My company is all about professional development. Professional development is really self-development – you cannot separate the two. To be a leader you must have self-awareness, which is a life-long pursuit. I help my clients explore how they get in their own way, examining strengths & weaknesses, how their beliefs frame their ability to approach difficulties and frustrations, and a myriad of entrepreneurial and management skills that hone and improve career advancement and business success.

NAPW: What types of change are occurring in your profession?

Donnelly: Sadly, a huge change in the industry is the onslaught of ‘coach training programs’; every year there are more and more individuals calling themselves “coaches”. The industry is becoming saturated so finding the right coach – a qualified and effective coach – should be approached carefully.

NAPW: If your job progresses as you like, what would be the next step in your career?

Donnelly: My goals are to reach more people through presentations, trainings, and books. All are in the works. Additionally, I have been in discussion with branding and SEO professionals to create collaborative efforts. Ideally, providing entrepreneurial services for small business owners and startups

NAPW: If your work were suddenly eliminated, what kind of work do you feel prepared to do?

Donnelly: Can’t imagine this happening, though I am prepared to create training opportunities to support people in their growth.

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