Star’s Corner: My Holiday Season Survival Guide

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You have work to do; the deadline won’t wait. But, it’s the holidays. So? Grab your laptop. Trudge through the slush, wind and sideways-blowing snow. (Don’t you love that?!) Arrive at your destination five minutes late. Listen to the wrath of your relatives reminding you how irresponsible you are regardless of the fact you were just promoted to a senior management position.

NAPW Local Chapters – The Driving Force of Success

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Local Chapters are the driving force behind NAPW, and we are at the forefront of new and powerful initiatives for 2015. From effective planning processes and enhanced channels of communication to social media engagement and creating bigger and better philanthropic initiatives benefiting our NAPW Foundation partners, we raise the bar in every way going forward as we further enhance our personal and professional success.

Opportunity Rising! Meet Chapter President Sue Pellerin

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Sue Pellerin Susan M. Pellerin Co-Owner, Nothing But Sweets Local Chapter President, Augusta Chapter

When the door opens, I step through. If you put an obstacle in my way, I go around it. I believe energy, perseverance and an entrepreneurial spirit are the keys to boundless opportunity for myself and the NAPW Augusta, GA Local Chapter.…