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Step forward bravely. Grab the handle. Get ready to close the door on 2014. Our Year of Action comes to a close, yet we continue taking action every day in every way to power change in our local communities and the world. Let’s recognize our accomplishments, reflect on our success and get ready for 2015… our Year of Power!


2014 was absolutely off the charts for me… and for NAPW! I was promoted to be the President of the National Association of Professional Women. As if that weren’t enough, we merged with Professional Diversity Network, and I also became the President of PDN! Am I proud? You better believe it! I now have the privilege, honor and humbling responsibility of being one of the youngest to join the small circle of African-American women in the US leading a public company.


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You have work to do; the deadline won’t wait. But, it’s the holidays. So? Grab your laptop. Trudge through the slush, wind and sideways-blowing snow. (Don’t you love that?!) Arrive at your destination five minutes late. Listen to the wrath of your relatives reminding you how irresponsible you are regardless of the fact you were just promoted to a senior management position. (But, it was only five minutes and the snow was blowing sideways!) Sit at the table, look at the horrible food you don’t like and pretend to love it – of course, you’ll have seconds! Yum! (Yuck!) While gagging, some relative you haven’t seen in years starts complaining and your eyes glaze over… and glaze over… more glazed than the overcooked ham you just swallowed… without chewing. Your face hits the plate. (Whump!)  Stress much? Welcome to the holiday season! And, time for…



Welcome to NAPW Local Chapters!

2015 is shaping up to be our NAPW Year of Power. As we approach the New Year, here’s what to expect from Local Chapters in 2015…



Local Chapters are the driving force behind NAPW, and we are at the forefront of new and powerful initiatives for 2015. From effective planning processes and enhanced channels of communication to social media engagement and creating bigger and better philanthropic initiatives benefiting our NAPW Foundation partners, we raise the bar in every way going forward as we further enhance our personal and professional success.




Sue Pellerin
Susan M. Pellerin
Co-Owner, Nothing But Sweets
Local Chapter President, Augusta Chapter

When the door opens, I step through. If you put an obstacle in my way, I go around it. I believe energy, perseverance and an entrepreneurial spirit are the keys to boundless opportunity for myself and the NAPW Augusta, GA Local Chapter.

I became the President of the Augusta Local Chapter in August 2011, and I still hold the position today. During my first year as Chapter President, I worked very hard to grow the Chapter. Now, we have close to 50 members! Throughout these pivotal years, I have shared creatively useful networking techniques with the professional women members of my Local Chapter of the National Association of Professional Women. I believe women’s empowerment is an important part of women’s overall business achievement, and through our Chapter of professional women interacting, supporting and exchanging ideas, we enjoy an atmosphere of encouragement for everyone to achieve their goals, personally and professionally.