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A simple hello could lead to a million things.” —Anonymous

Enter stage right… Our premier networking event is this Friday, April 25th. And, ladies, there will be no lullabies on Broadway this weekend as we make some networking noise and… Power up at the 2014 NAPW National Networking Conference. Aspire. Connect. Achieve.

When referred to separately, these three simple words — aspire, connect, achieve — can mean anything to anyone. However, when placed together, they provide a profound punch of powerful positive impact to professional women everywhere!


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Star-SaNoJuggling life and a demanding career can be stressful, but learning how to say NO is imperative to making it all work.

I have one word for you, ladies… NO. Say it with me… NO. You can do it! NO. Now, say it again… NO! And, again. And, again. And, again. See how easy that was? NO? That’s right; it’s not easy to say NO. But, it’s important that you do because… it’s a matter of life and stress!

From CEOs, senators and entrepreneurs to doctors, lawyers and military personnel, we’ve risen through the ranks to accomplish, achieve and live the lives we choose. Our days are jam packed with lists of things to do, places to be and responsibilities of great magnitude.


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Stephanie Dovalina, Esq
President, NAPW New Orleans Local Chapter
Galloway, Johnson, Tompkins, Burr & Smith


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NAPW partners with WiRL to bring you 28+ inspiring sessions, across 4 categories, by renowned speakers, authors and experts.


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Know Your Values
Whether you realize it or not, the things you value most are RUNNING YOUR LIFE. If you’re living true to your TOP values, you likely feel a sense of ease, peace of mind, happiness and confidence when making decisions. If you’ve strayed from your most cherished values, you may be feeling sad, guilty, overwhelmed, conflicted and/or unfulfilled. Can you see how there’s great power in knowing explicitly what your values are? The knowledge will allow you make sound decisions, live a life that’s meaningful, have less regret and guilt, and feel more at peace with your life and your next career move. Can you articulate the top 5 values that drive you? If so, write them down and figure out exactly what each one means to you. If you can’t, consider these questions: