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You arrive on time. Your appearance is impeccable. Your work is outstanding. Think you’re professional? Think again. Depending on where you work, employer expectations regarding workplace professionalism can vary widely. Yet, in order to make it into the upper office suite, you MUST be professional. How do you know what that means? Let’s take a look…


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There they are. The people you need to know. Are you just going to stand there? Are you going to let this valuable opportunity slip by? Not if I have anything to say about. And, yes, I’ve got a lot to say about it! It’s National Awareness Month – Time to follow your passion, live your dream, and get passionate about the one thing that will change your life forever… networking.



Happy summer everyone! This month we continue our focus on your questions regarding the NAPW Foundation. Since we want to convey to you the most pertinent information, we’ve chosen the questions most often asked by you – our highly valued NAPW members. We want to take this moment to thank all of you for your impeccable dedication, commitment and charitable spirits to giving back and becoming part of our “Giving Circle.”


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Lisa Strunin head shot

Lisa Strunin
Strategic Marketing Consultant, Sphere Marketing
Boston, MA Local Chapter President

With an estimated 6.5 billionmobile subscribers worldwide anticipated by the end of this year, companies must have a mobile strategy to effectively market their business, grow their customer base, retain existing customers and encourage customer interaction with their brands. Mobile is changing the way the world communicates, while providing a vital connection between your business and potential or existing customers that simply cannot be overlooked.


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“Why do you do it, Star?”

“Do what?” I asked.

“Get up every day to go to a job.”

Without hesitation, I answered, “Because working at NAPW is not a job – it’s my passion! I love it!”

Star Jones - NAPW Office

Passion is what drives me to do the job that I do at NAPW.

Passion: Showing or caused by strong feelings or a strong belief. Yes, that is definitely me – passionate. When there is something I believe in, there is no stopping me. And, right now, I believe that I am a force for positive change; a force to help others – something I have been passionate about since I was a child!